27 February 2015

Leonard Nimoy

He was everyone's alien. For almost half a century there was always a Mr. Spock. Most of us were born into a world where Spock always existed. Leonard Nimoy was also a prolific director, photographer, poet, and singer. He even mastered the eyebrow thing long before The Rock. Along with William Shatner's music, he's always been a personal favourite of mine, so much so that in 2008 with Richard's help I had planned to cover his entire 'The Touch Of Leonard Nimoy' album until that plan was shelved with my own hospital stay.

I've always loved his voice and have always described it as avuncular. And that's what he was, really--he was everyone's uncle, part of all of our families, an ever-present figure in our homes and hearts. A huge accomplishment for a being who was supposed to be devoid of being swayed by emotion. I cannot think of a figure from any stories more beloved and cherished than Mr. Spock, and beyond that the man that was Leonard Nimoy.

Of course I plan on watching some of his films to remember him by, even pulled out his autobiographies, 'I Am Not Spock' and 'I Am Spock'. But more than that, I've been listening to his wonderful albums, with this song in particular:

The world is a sadder place with his passing. But his final Tweet, from just 4 days ago, puts it all in perspective...

'A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP'

Goodbye, and thank you.

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