16 October 2012


One of those fabulous discoveries that I just remembered.  


01 October 2012

Kay Starr

Richard and I were listening to Eileen Barton on the car radio and talking about the really good female singers of the crooning torchy days.  He did not know Kay Starr (at least by name), so I made this quick playlist to explain.  Though, while I was making it I realized that I could've just said:  "the woman who sings 'Man with the Bag,' you know, my favorite Christmas song."


29 July 2012


I have to tell you how Amazon made me happy today. I am a guilty, reluctant consumer, so you must appreciate how big a thing this is for me to be free advertizing. Yes.

I subscribe to this blog JRock Explosion and on the most recent JRock Fridays post I was introduced to Bananafish. Instantly impressed by the talents of each and every instrument and how they fit together fantastically in deceptive pop style, I wanted some more. I'm used to looking all over for international musics and have ordered CDs from far and wide (why doesn't amazon-japan have an mp3 store?). So, can you believe how crazy surprised to find out that amazon-us had Bananafish mp3 albums for purchase?!? Holy cannoli, I'm shopping!

Bananafish for you:

cheers, LeE
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18 June 2012

Joint Chiefs of Math

I am very excited about this record coming out.

These duders are amazing: Joint Chiefs Of Math

Here's the new record: Wires

22 May 2012

Bonjour French Ladies

I was bookstore shopping when I heard Zaz playing in the background. True to most of my experiences, hearing it playing in the store did not mean I could automatically get access to the thing (I think they just hadn't restocked). The video below is the Turkish translation because it was edited best of what I found. I love this song.

And then, amazingly, because I purchased Zaz I was matched up with some other French lady singers. How often does this actually work out? I mean, most recommendations that come my way in stores, or via some highly intelligent customer tracking system that records all of my actions online in order to sell me the things I most want, are far from spot on.  I recommend they work harder - but Brigitte is fantastic!


27 March 2012

Italian Pop Ladies Playlist

I made this here playlist. Consider it a work in progress.

11 February 2012

MC Frontalot - Stoop Sale

Too good, and fabulous video.