15 December 2010

The Road To Math Rock: Disharmonic Orchestra

I listen to a lot of weird crap these days. And I don't mean like Beefheart weird, I mean like math rock weird. I was just talking with Nafa about what I listened to during my metal years (ages 11-15). The thing that I loved about metal was the in-between parts. I didn't care how fast the drummer could play or how low the singer could growl and I didn't give a flying fuck about those endless (though occasionally cool) guitar solos. What I wanted from metal were those "mosh parts", the breakdowns, and the moments where everything just seemed to groove to some insane rhythm that I couldn't even come close to understanding. And oh how I loved those noodly bits where everything became treble.

One band that had a lot of what I loved was Disharmonic Orchestra. Their album Not to be Undimensional Conscious blew my fucking mind and I can never thank my good friend Scott for introducing me to these guys.

Skip to 2:03 for some weirdness:

Around 2:05 for some beautiful stuff:

When I listened to metal back in the day, I tried to imagine the perfect band. They had five guitarists, two drummers, one bass player, and no singer. It makes perfect sense that I would be perfectly suited to love Don Caballero, Hella, etc. So of course, I was predestined to love Marnie Stern. Does any of this make sense?

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