08 December 2010


You know, 2010 was the year of putting on the blinders and waiting for three albums to come out: the new Marnie Stern, the new Tera Melos, and Zach Hill's new solo album. I spent more time this year reminiscing about old music I used to like and just pining, pining, pining for these three to come out. Since there were only three albums to listen to, it only took me a few weeks to figure out my album of the year.

And the winner is... Marnie Stern! Patagonian Rats, the new Tera Melos, came close to the big win but Miss Stern wins out sonically, cohesively, and emotionally. Tera Melos definitely put out one of the strangest and fastest albums I've ever heard but it just doesn't quite cut my mustard. Plus, there are a couple of tracks that are needlessly long at nearly 10 minutes each.

And what about that new Zach Hill, Face Tat? Well, holy shit. It's fucking amazing. The problem I had with Hill's first solo record, Astrological Straits, is that it had a bunch of very original, very listenable moments surrounded by much less listenable, almost impenetrable um... stuff? On Face Tat, Zach Hill has merged the impenetrable with the listenable and it all pretty much works. Not only do I like nearly every track, the album is loud. Seriously, this is the loudest album I own. It's experimental and it is fun in a scary way. At first it all just sounds like noise but then your brain grows some balls and it's all good.

One band that put out a fantastic EP this year is Planets. This instrumental duo tear shit up on TURBO JAMZ!!!! and I'll never really be the same. Check this shit out. So until The Joggers put out something new, I guess music is dead to me. But at least I was able to pick an album of the year. That's good, right? It's okay that I only heard 4 things released this year, right? I have a bad feeling about this. Don't get me wrong, I love the accomplishments of these musical people but I have a sneaking suspicion that being close-minded musically is bad.


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