18 December 2009

'To My Surprise (LISTEN!) One Hundred Stories High...'

A short list of my top songs of the Disco era. Put on yer boogie shoes, duders.

If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Elliman

'To dreams that never will come true...' One of those rare pop songs with insightful lyrics and a driving beat. Penned by the Bee Gees but made amazing by Yvonne 'Mary Magdalene' Elliman, this was featured in the monster film Saturday Night Fever, which we will hear from again shortly.


Boogie Shoes - KC & The Sunshine Band

A sing along from the hitmakers KC & The Sunshine Band. Definitely not as annoying as That's The Way I Like It and featuring a horn section that you should kill for. Best song about shoes since Carl Perkins.


How Deep Is Your Love? - The Bee Gees

The Aussie brothers were kings of the era, just about every song they did could make this list, but this ballad just rises high above the rest of their great songs. It was a slow, meaningful tune but still had that swing to it. Gorgeous stuff and another from the SNF soundtrack.


If It Wasn't For The Nights - ABBA

Greatest band ever and another of their absolutely underrated classics. Pure Disco from the North. They even got that bouncy bassline worked into it--not bad for land overrun with reindeer.


Disco Inferno - The Trammps

Hands down the best song of the SNF soundtrack, of The Trammps, and of the era. Everything is in this--the faux classical rises, the driving beat, the dirty bass, the IN-YOUR-FACE horns, the desperation/flirtation vocals, and a hook that will lodge itself in your brain like one of those little skewer things that the ancient Egyptians used to pull out a pharaoh's brain before mummification. Just turn it on, turn it up, and burn this mutha down.

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