03 December 2009

They're Coming To Take Me Away & More

I'll never forget riding in the car one night in the late 80s with my parents as we were returning home from a party. It was very dark outside and much to my father's amusement, the oldies station played "They're Coming To Take Me Away" (the radio edit without the reverse part like on the Youtube clip above). I was scared and happy while my dad kept turning this song up louder and louder in the car. It felt like I was going mad! I guess that's an appropriate reaction.

The first time I found that you could love something terrible because of its terribleness happened when my dad would laugh until the tears came over the beautifully cheesy "Leader of the Pack". The whole song struck him as funny but the "LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT!" part really set him off. I'm surprised we didn't wreck every time this song came on the radio.

And a couple more that amused me and dad to no end:


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