04 December 2009

Shiina Ringo - "Ringo No Uta"

Well, since we've got this face-lift and Shiina Ringo's lovely mug is up there, I might as well get off my butt and introduce you. The first introduction I'd ever had to her was with her song "Ringo No Uta." My chest feels like it's all stuffed with cotton when ever I listen to this song, her voice and the composition are so ridiculously beautiful.

"Ringo No Uta" has a new promotional video on YouTube:

but the first video of this I'd ever seen is:

She's had a prolific solo career (discography) and recently formed a band: Tokyo Jihen. The music is all still prime, this song is "Osca:"

Now if you go about looking for just the song, "Ringo No Uta," you are going to run into another, older song by the same name that has been done and redone by a variety of performers. It's cute, and I love old music, but Shiina Ringo's is a much better composition in my opinion.


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