03 November 2009

Marnie Stern

Here is the Marnie Stern:


Kill Rock Stars

Here's the fan letter I wrote:

"Miss Stern

Hello there. I'm not prone to writing fan mail but I've been picking through your albums and just couldn't go another minute without saying thanks. I was in a bit of a musical funk and needed something new without even knowing it. I have this habit of listening to the same 4 or 5 bands for years at a time and things get a bit stale upstairs.

And then I saw the video for Transformer and I was like "Okay, this woman knows how to make some seriously steamrolling and epiphanic pop. Plus, she has Lita Ford's videographer. I can dig this." I actually have thoughts like that so you can pity me if you must. Newness is goodness and you have proved that to my habitual brain.

Well, aside from Transformer and a whole mess of other great songs, I want to mention two in particular that wreck me in the best way possible. First up is Roads? Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads. There is this vibe this song gives off. I don't know, it's like a neon apocalypse but a really, really happy one. The denouement "I had a dream I crawled all around on the high road" is phenomenal! Do you get this a lot? People quoting your lyrics back at you?

Next is Absorb Those Numbers. If you were trying to make people dance while they would normally be skulking around doing laundry, then you have succeeded immensely. While I have seen worse, the laundry room in my apartment complex is still really depressing. With this song, I need not worry about that fabric softener syndrome (which has been so prevalent in the news lately) with this track playing at a moderately loud volume.

So yeah, time to wrap this up. Thanks! Thank you for kicking my ears' asses. I look forward to more music from you in the near future and wish you all the best.

-Richard Glenn Schmidt"