15 September 2009

The Cliks - "Dirty King"

So, lately I've been finding a butt load of new music and thoroughly enjoying it on my own without telling anyone about it. Haven't felt like I've had the time, but anyway, it's time to fix that now. In an effort to break up my morning music-video channel viewing I started DVRing New Now Next Music on the Logo Channel so I would have something to run to when VHI and MTV got too repetative. And there I saw The Cliks' "Dirty King." And I loved The Cliks' "Dirty King"--it's like cool bastard rock--something I've been collecting lately.

So I went to find more on their YouTube Channel and Myspace Page. But first "Dirty King:"

"Oh Yeah"--

cheers. -- LeE

03 September 2009

The Joggers

I've been pretty gay about The Joggers for a while now and now I can get even gayer. The boys have put up all their songs for sale on bandcamp. Check it out! I first heard these dudes while working at a record store. The assistant manager had a bunch of promo stuff from Startime International Records which he was about to toss out. Not being able to resist free stuff, I grabbed The Joggers' first album Solid Guild. It took a couple of listens but then I realized I had a fucking stellar record from an amazing band.

That started the obsession and I've been stalking these dudes ever since. Their follow up album With a Cape and a Cane is even more amazing. That was years ago! Like the rest of the Jogg-Hedz (I don't think there is a fan club but if there was one, that is what we would call ourselves), I am impatiently waiting for a new record. So you good people need to go and buy all of their songs immediately. This will force them to record their new album.

I guess the best way to describe them is jangly sweet guitars, boisterous bass lines, a constantly twirling and sensitive drummer, and lots and lots of vocals. Wow I made them sound terrible. How about a kindly steamroller that crushes you with kindness? Eh, don't listen to me (like you ever would), just check out their songs, yo.

Here is an interview with them over at Funeral Pudding.