13 August 2009

Pointer Sisters - "Automatic"

When I was a kid (around 8 years old), I borrowed my mom's tape of Break Out by the Pointer Sisters and never gave it back. This tape and the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop were vastly important to me and were always thundering from my stereo. For me, the Pointer Sisters were this amazing "new" group that had songs that made me want to dance until I collapsed.

However, one song in particular was immeasurably important: "Automatic". Aside from making the condition of being in love sound really creepy (though only if you're a computer), "Automatic" was my jam! One evening while my parents were out at a party or something, I cranked up the volume and danced to this song for what seemed like hours. Every time it would end, I would rewind the tape and start over. What was I doing? Well, I was working on a dance routine with mechanical motions like the ones I saw breakdancers* doing. This went on until I could dance no more (or my parents came home).

*Someday I'll tell you about the breakdancing classes I took at the local rec center.

10 August 2009

Some Zach Hilliness

I have been on a Zach Hill kick lately. I've been looking into some of his projects other than Hella and liking what I'm hearing and seeing and liking what I'm liking.