23 June 2009

The Last Time I Post About Don Henley

Okay, so I was watching too much VH1 Classic the other day and I was violated by two Don Henley videos. The first was "Boys of Summer" and the second was "The Heart of the Matter". So I'm thinking to myself, holy shit, they better fucking play "All She Wants to do is Dance" and they didn't! Luckily that bad ass clip is on Youtube (below) but for some reason the other two are not.

The thing about "The Boys of Summer" is that the video for that shit used to depress me when I was a kid. The black and white video was in heavy rotation when I was 8 years old and there is something about the melancholy lyrics and that inescapable morose bullshit video that still haunts me. And fuck "The Heart of the Matter"! The video which I can't find online is so awful. The Dust Bowl imagery is totally incongruous with what the lyrics are about. And I hate Don Henley's hair in that one; it makes me want to punch babies.

Oddly enough, "All She Wants to do is Dance" has a legitimately grim tone yet my young brain didn't absorb that part. All I wanted to do was dance too so whenever this video aired, I would get up and do it. I love the post apocalyptic imagery of "All She Wants" where Don Henley and his band are performing in some destroyed nightclub in El Salvador or something. This may be the reason why post apocalyptic imagery still makes me uncomfortable to this day. I'm scare of what Don Henley is trying to tell me.

Ha ha! Look at this one. Holy crap!

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