29 April 2009


In my user news-e-letter from Japan Files was the news that LM.C(band website) had just recently made a deal to sell their entire discography digitally on the site. Japan Files is a pretty awesome DRM free mp3 store--which is why I'm already a customer. When I read this most recent bit of news, I had no idea who the band was, but had some free moments and headphones so I went to listen. While I can't say yet that I love all their stuff, I found some amazingness! "Bell the Cat" and "Sentimental Piggy Romance" have the kind of low frequency undulation and sound effect layering that just tickles the hell out of me. I couldn't have been more pleased to see the shadowy circus video for "Bell the Cat:"

And animated videos win my, almost, instant affection--this is so adorable! "Sentimental Piggy Romance:"

Cheers! --LeE.

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