30 April 2009

A Tribe Called Quest

Ever since I first heard I Left My Wallet in El Segundo, I have been a huge fan of A Tribe Called Quest. I think it is time for you to witness their superness for the first time or just take some time to reminisce over one of the best hip hop acts of all time.

29 April 2009


In my user news-e-letter from Japan Files was the news that LM.C(band website) had just recently made a deal to sell their entire discography digitally on the site. Japan Files is a pretty awesome DRM free mp3 store--which is why I'm already a customer. When I read this most recent bit of news, I had no idea who the band was, but had some free moments and headphones so I went to listen. While I can't say yet that I love all their stuff, I found some amazingness! "Bell the Cat" and "Sentimental Piggy Romance" have the kind of low frequency undulation and sound effect layering that just tickles the hell out of me. I couldn't have been more pleased to see the shadowy circus video for "Bell the Cat:"

And animated videos win my, almost, instant affection--this is so adorable! "Sentimental Piggy Romance:"

Cheers! --LeE.