17 February 2009

Ludo - "Lake Pontchartrain"

'Round Halloween I went to Busch Garden's Howl-O-Scream and caught the musical show at the Desert Inn (what used to be the FestHaus--where is the German love gone anymore?) and, oddly enough, was impressed enough by one of the songs (all covers) that I sought it out the next day. The song was Ludo's "Love me Dead," and its great, but after finding it and finding Ludo, I found "Lake Pontchartrain."

A couple things I like about Ludo in general: interesting and horror movie material subject matter, and an amazingly strong and striking lead voice. Stuff I love about "Lake Pontchartrain:" its a story, it has crayfish, it has epic sounding multivoiced chorus sequences, its a story, and I swear its an unreliable narrator (one of my favorite literary devices). I'm an almost total sucker for story songs, and since I've said that I cannot currently think of a single other example. It will probably come to me somewhere around midnight or when I am otherwise far from the computer or a piece of paper. Here is Ludo live:

Cheers. --LeE

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