13 February 2009

Give 'em the fist, give 'em the wrist, give 'em the finger

In 9th grade English class they taught me never to assume your readers know what you take for granted in any paper. I'm going to throw all that out the window and assume you already know about Danny Kaye's awesomeness. I have many movies, and as I was watching one the other night and thoroughly enjoying a musical number that always gets stuck in my head, it dawned on me that I could share it with you beautiful people.

I didn't have any luck finding the number by itself on YouTube, but I did find that the entire movie is up there and the song is contained in parts 7 and 8. Here's the first bit--the song itself starts around 2:40 but it gets to the meat of it at 4:45. What is the meat of it, you ask? This number seemed specifically designed to allow Danny Kaye to showcase his accents, personas, and funny faces. He sings with three alternate personalities.

The second part winds up his arguing with himself. It's really sweet how he comforts the other him.

In case you didn't catch them, or didn't realize how shiny the pearls of wisdom really are, this song has two lines which I find applicable to many situations, especially at work: "talk and you show your ignorance, laugh and you show your teeth," and "if you casually cover up your mouth with your hand, you will never put your foot in it." It is the best kind of self help song.

I've also assumed here that you know about my affair with musicals. If you don't, you can check me out talking them up on the Bean:

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