13 February 2009

Ed Matus' Stuggle: Retiring a T-Shirt

Over a decade ago, I bought a t-shirt from Juan Montoya, guitarist of Ft. Lauderdale's Ed Matus' Struggle at a show (can't remember the venue) and I was taken aback by how grateful and friendly Mr. Montoya was for my contribution to the band's gas money for a tour they were planning. So yeah, I wore the shirt with pride for over ten friggin' years! I would sometimes wash it and wear other band's shirts but this was a staple of my wardrobe for a long ass time. I just recently retired the now paper thin and hole-ridden thing but not without a twinge of nostalgia.

In 1997, Ed Matus' Struggle were playing music I had never heard before. I was coming off of a 4 year ska bender and I needed something different. Their fabulous sonic immersion knocked my dang socks off and it was a joy to have seen them live on 4 or 5 different occasions. They were a mountain of sound but were always breathtakingly beautiful to me and my friends.

The band has 2 myspace pages so you can hear some tracks:

Ed Matus' Struggle 1

Ed Matus' Struggle 2

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