13 January 2009

Victor Borge

I'm totally cheating and reposting this from the Bean, but I realized that it probably should have been here in the first place. Victor Borge was first a pianist after all.

There's something about the holidays that brings out the wonderful non-holiday programming channels like PBS keep in their vaults all year round in order to show stuff less attuned to my needs. No offense to PBS, but I have some serious issues with the Saturday night programming they show opposed to what they have (or did have). I was very happy to run into a special on Victor Borge right before Christmas, and it reminded me why I must have more recordings of this amazing man.

Victor Borge was a phenomenal pianist, and comedian with a long career that spanned stage, radio, and television of all color capabilities. I first knew about him through my mother. We would snuggle in and watch her VHS of a Victor Borge show and laugh insanely when I was young. In my most recent viewing of Victor Borge's comedy, I noticed something I hadn't ever before. His is nerd humor, and sadly may not be widely understood anymore--just look at some of the comments on the YouTube videos and you'll see. Granted humor changes with the time, but his was a time when jokes about the Mozart/Salieri relationship and the history of musical instruments could be understood by a wide audience.

Ah well, if you like getting your nerd on, and yet have never heard of Victor Borge, I suggest you follow the video below to pretty good collection of videos on YouTube. Hooray for PBS!


Victor Borge

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