13 November 2008

"Rancho Pillow" - The Andrews Sisters

I've loved the Andrews Sisters' music for longer than I've been buying CDs for myself. In fact, the CD collection I have of there's was opportunely borrowed from my Mom before one of her moves. My original favorites of theirs were songs I already liked and had heard other people sing (or was forced to sing myself in chorus) like "Boogie woogie bugle boy" and "Mrs. Otis" regrets. Over the years these first favorites have faded back behind a couple stranger, more fun songs that just feel good in the mouth. You know what I'm talking about right? Were a song might not be the best thing you've ever heard but because of the way its written or the words used in it it just feels good to sing along with. One of these is "Ferry boat serenade" and even better is "Rancho Pillow."

"Rancho Pillow" had ridiculous lyrics and strange subject matter and is done in the perfect blended sometimes knifelike harmony that is the Andrews Sisters.

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