08 October 2008


I first stumbled upon Dionysos courtesy of one of the many blogs I read. If I had been a little more savvy, or perhaps wrote about Dionysos right after I first heard about them I could give the proper credit to the person who clued me in. Either way, that won't stop me from passing on information on this awesome French band.

There are two different ways to love a band, I think. Obviously, you can love them for their music and how it feels when you immerse yourself in the sounds and moods they create with their music. Then, you can love them for their theatrics. I'm betting that you have run into a music video that was phenomenally awesome, but the music wasn't something you would ever consider listening to on its own. Or perhaps you routinely attend the concerts of a band that is fantastically entertaining on stage, and you love the songs because they come with memory of the visuals.

I admit, I was first entranced by Dionysos' videos (the three following to be precise), but their music has outlived the theatrics for me. It's just great stuff.

They're music continues to evolve and is now quite different to my ears than these videos. You can hear it on the Dionysos myspace page.


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