03 September 2008

Plastic Bertrand - "Ca Plane pour moi"

Of all the classes I took in college, my German language class was the most interesting and netted me the most contacts--all of whom I am no longer in contact with, but hey, them's the breaks. Not only did we have near explosive arguments between a Nazi sympathizer and just about everyone else, but we had the greatest most retiring instructor, from whom I learned very little language and very much culture. I was invisible in this class at the very beginning, as I was in all my classes, until I buzzed all my hair off. With my new haircut I had a group of friends to go to Einstein bagels with every day after class. It was great! I'm getting to the point now, I always rode in one car to get to Einstein's and in this car I heard "Ca Plane pour moi" by Plastic Bertrand.

Of course I had no idea who the artist was behind "Ca Plane pour moi" when I heard it in that car, nor did I find out when the car's owner made me an unlabeled mix CD with "Ca Plane pour moi" on it. And I still didn't find out when I lost that CD in one of my overabundant college student housing moving trips.

Off an on I would search for the song with my limited knowledge of French spelling and always came up with nothing until recently. Now that I've found it--it's everywhere. I mean, you have heard it on the Gossip Girl commercial right? And I swear its in another phone and/or car commercial as well. And YouTube has a video. Ah, sigh of relief for finding the song and soothing the niggling frustration of not being able to figure out what I should know already if I had paid attention when I had that mix CD. Cheers, LeE.