20 August 2008

Golem - Libeshmertzen

I think my exposure to Golem was as serendipitous as finding the album Libeshmertzen in a clearance used CD bin. Stranger still, I wasn't even the one to spot the CD, my boyfriend was. It looked promising enough at two dollars to give it a try and I am eternally glad I did. Golem is a Klezmer imbued six piece Easter European folk-punk band. Their songs are both old and new and in many different languages, played on traditional and neo rock instruments. If I didn't already think that all of these things could fit together, the energy of the musicians themselves would've sealed it for me.

So, in doing a little poking around for info, I found that in an attempt to stay true to the party band aspect of klezmer, Golem does do weddings and batmitzvas. This is only too awesome!

Golem Myspace

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