16 July 2008

Durian - Sometimes You Scare Me

I found Durian on Epitonic several years ago and it was their song “X and Y” that caught my ear. I just couldn't stop myself from listening to this hypnotic and hyper track over and over again. By the time I picked up their 2000 album, Sometimes You Scare Me, the band was long gone. Luckily, the album proved to be more than just one great song. Recorded by J. Robbins at Inner Ear Studios, the whole dang record is pretty much awesome as hell.

Reading the lyrics, oh man, I just get totally lost. The singer gives himself a great deal of work to do and you’ll hear it. Every song has a weighty paragraph of lyrics and a mountain of weirdly delivered moments and idiosyncratic intonations. The guy uses every facet of his voice and it all just totally blows me away. A staggering amount of power in Durian’s vocalist, for sure.

Here’s a little taste of “X and Y”:

When sanding off the finishing
Be careful don’t damage the ring
Gray grime hands are the next big thing
They’ll hate one mistake and then excuse scores more
To prop up their affirmation-laden lore
A tense date, a report from an inside source
Who’s unfazed and jazzed to say
We’re staying on course
Supposing all things maximize
(with lower tiers simply excised)
I plotted out both x and y!

And then there’s the rest of the band! My god, these boys are gifted. “Emergencies and Laughs” is just a swarm of bees with pleasure stingers. The guitars and the bass are a guiltless banana split and the drums are a 500 meter dash in an algebraic hailstorm. Durian’s music just runs and stops and slows down and runs and stops and spins around and…

Please buy this album wherever you can find it.

Grab "Emergencies and Laughs" & "X and Y" right here.

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casiodigitalboy said...

where can i download the full album?