28 May 2008

"Dead Beat Strategy"

I have to write about Gauge. This band, early Braid, and Cap’n Jazz make we wish that I had grown up in Chicago instead of stupid old Jupiter, Florida. Gauge is the centerpiece band in a number of various and awesome side projects and other bands. Find these things and you will be happy: Radio Flyer, Traluma, Sweater Weather, Haymarket Riot, Rollo Tomasi, Red Villain, Euphone, Heroic Doses, and The Sky Corvair. Anyway, Gauge’s 1995 album, Fire Tongue Burning Stomach, is absolutely essential for everyone. Whenever I put this album on, I get stuck on one quintessential Gauge track that I’m helpless against.

The song in question is “Dead Beat Strategy”. As soon as this song starts, I’m confused. Then the vocals, streamlined and raspy, start rolling in. If I could just stop the guitars from entering my pores for a second, I could probably analyze them better. They’re like shades being drawn when something really good is about to happen. The drummer is in total control the whole time, knowing when to hold back and when to cut loose. And that’s where the brilliance of this song lies; in its ability to hold back until the last 20 seconds. Jump directly to 3:10 and witness the chorus which is delivered once and only once and fuck me, it’s over.

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