22 May 2008

'Cold Rockin' Au Graten'

Richard Missile and Nafa Missile of The Missiles

What can be said about The Missiles that hasn’t already been written in the anals of history?

This duo from the backwoods of East Virginia began as the Missiles Brothers Musical Cliche' and started playing church socials and forcibly playing random talent shows of the various elementary schools in the area. It was after one of their subsequent arrests that they were discovered by a big time Hollywood producer who immediately booked them for the Sunday evening variety show, Hey Hey, We’re The Missiles!:

The show was a huge success and they won many, many accolades and developed a huge fan base. They started experimenting with other styles of music, eventually settling on a hybrid of Enuff Znuff, Saigon Kick, and Creamsicle, the all-star children’s choir consisting of singers with Asperger’s syndrome. The result was the timeless album, Lipstick Panda Squared:

Becoming disillusioned with their fame, the boys spent the next few years living quietly in a small town in Beirut working as Mexican chefs. This was the core inspiration behind their seminal work, the edgy and sweet The Missiles Is Duder:

The world had thought they had heard the last of The Missiles but a new track appeared showing a new direction. The track is a raw live mix of Cold Rockin’ Au Graten and this gem is like a stream of bat’s piss—it shines out golden when all around is dark (thank you, MPFC).

Get it, love it, eat it, vomit it, eat it again, digest it, and get another one.


The Missiles - Cold Rockin' Au Graten

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