09 April 2008

Searching for Caviar

Anyone who has seen the Charlie's Angels movie or happened to listen to the radio at the time the movie was out will have heard Caviar's "Tangerine Speedo." They may not, however, have heard anything else from this band. Based in Chicago, they manage to create exceptional music without having any locatable presence in the news, on the radio, or online. They're myspace page is frustrating to me, with an overlay of traditional style Asian music that cannot be turned off. Though I suppose the layering of different sounds and inputs is what makes their first album one of my favorites.

Their self-titled first album is filled with everything that would make a band humongous if they wanted to take advantage. Instrumentally, their skills are amazing; and, though they don't need it, they generously overlay superb playing with layers of overdubbing, synthesized sounds, and generated drum beats. On top of all this geniusness are clever, memorable, and often filthy lyrics that tickle the brain in the best way possible.

I am not proud to say that I have not yet heard their second album. The Eagles' article about it makes me question why my obsessive enjoyment of the first didn't become fanatic impatience for and consumption of the second. Overall, it seems as though they are a very hard band to pin down, and perhaps that is best if the non-existence of a public persona makes for music like this.

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