24 April 2008

Sarah Harmer "Around this corner"

I was a band geek in middle school, I admit it. And though I did not continue my band geek career any further, the ridiculously advanced classes at my middle school and private tutoring made me comfortably companionable with my instrument and not a bad clarinet player, if I do say so myself. As what happens when I start hanging out with someone new, my relationship with my first rented clarinet inspired me to find out all there was to know about clarinets and clarinet players. So the result was the permanent seed in me tuned to listening for a clarinet, and that alone may be the first reason why I was hooked on Sarah Harmer's "Around this corner" the very first time I heard it.

Perhaps the second reason "Around this corner" alone made me buy the album was that I imagined the song fit that part of my life perfectly. But then, isn't that the reason so many songs become precious? The smooth, round clarinet tones permeate the album 'You Were Here,' and add breathy interest to well composed songs. Harmer's following album 'I'm a Mountain' loses the clarinet and focuses more on an acoustic guitar sound that sells itself a little short, I think. Maybe I was just expecting something more smooth and round once again. Choice of instrument is not all that 'You Were Here' and 'I'm a Mountain' have going for them, however. Harmer's music composition skills continue to impress, even without the clarinet. Yeah, I just cannot let that go.

Interestingly enough, all the songs on the Sarah Harmer myspace music profile come from the 'You Were Here' album. Alas, "Around this corner" is not there.

I did eventually own my clarinet, by the way, and I sporadically, maybe not so often, get it out and play it lovingly.


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