05 March 2008

"Highschool Stalker" Hello Saferide

"I've been looking for you baby
any way that I can find
I've been searching for your sweet name
'cause you never leave my mind
I've been on the Altavista
I went twice on the Yahoo
And every where I go
There is always a clue
Always something about you
That may help me get my hands on you."

Hello Saferide was one of those awesome Myspace discoveries for me when I was so bored the only thing I could think of to fill the time was to friend hop band pages. When I heard "Highschool stalker" I was hooked. Annika Norlin's cleaver lyrics and sweet voice make the somewhat disturbing, but infinitely familiar message in "Highschool stalker" all the more poignant. Who hasn't searched the internet for a high school crush, accidentally walked down the street they live on the weekend, or changed their dental records? Ok so maybe not the last one.

"hacked into the school computer
changed all of your Ds to As,
broke into the dentists office,
no you never needed braces"

I have been informed, by a friend, that this song is creepy; and I have to agree that imagining a person really going to all this trouble under the weight of their obsession is a bit much, but there is a feeling there that reminds me of me. Am I admitting too much? Aren't we all prone to fall prey to the crazy obsessive first hints of love and infatuation? Where some people stay up into the night staring out on to their back yard wondering what the object of their affection is doing--some other people prank call, and walk by their house, and start eating the foods their crush likes the best. The all permeating feeling underneath either reaction is the same and indescribable. Judging by the vast popularity that the song enjoyed from its internet debut--I cannot be alone in thinking so. And somehow the self effacing blurb by the band about the song makes it all the better.

"'Highschool stalker' was an instant Internet hit with all of your favorite twee elements: handclaps, a Shangri-Las ask-and-tell chorus, a scrunched-up trumpet, and a weak guitar. Hello Saferide immediately got a record deal..."

Listen to it and other awesome songs by Hello Saferide.


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