20 February 2008

"Six Year Ballet"

The temptation to go epic for my first entry was very strong. In fact, my first choice was “Ice Cream Cheater” by Radio Flyer which clocks in at over 7 minutes. But common sense took hold at the last minute and I found another track from the band’s only album, In Their Strange White Armor. Instead, I decided to go for something shorter and prettier. I settled on “Six Year Ballet” instead and although it isn’t a 3 minute pop song by any means, there is beauty to be found here.

The song works as a wave machine for my blood. The urge to pull over to the side of the road and hide in my backseat during the first two minutes of “Six Year Ballet” is a strong one. It’s such a comforting little number that I can’t even move during it. However, somewhere near the halfway point, the song gets dirty and I’m left wondering just what happened to my gorgeous quartet. The guitar riffs during this distinctly heavier second half threaten to unhinge my jaw and wreck me forever.

The song ends abruptly and it feels like the ceiling of the recording studio just caved in. It’s funny how my musical imagination is so limited that I can’t picture anything more than the musicians furiously at work on this track. Radio Flyer was a short-lived project in 1997 that featured members of Hoover, Gauge, Abilene, Sweater Weather, and Traluma. I have been listening to this gorgeous and dense 30 minute album for over a decade and it never gets old. Find Radio Flyer’s In Their Strange White Armor as soon as you can.

Not too subtle


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