22 February 2008


Well, so much for avoiding 7 minute songs! Frankenixon’s CD jumped out at me in the .99 bin a while back. The cardboard packaging and (for lack of a better term) eclectic cover design forced me to snatch it up. I like to call these types of finds “College Radio Runoff” but that in no way negatively reflects on the music on the band’s 2002 album, Depth Perception. As Nafa said only moments ago, this album has that every other song thing going for it where skipping to the next track is often very, very rewarding.

My favorite track off the album, “Posers”, has a haunting quality to it with lyrics that are so dead on, it’s frightening. They tell a tale of wrecked people with nowhere else to turn to but each other. Evelyn Finch’s voice is sweet, taunting, and as ethereal as an undead siren (more graveyard-bound, less oceany). Her fine piano playing is distant, oppressive, and creeps up on me.

Take this ghostly quality and mix it with a bombastic pop/prog assault that taps into the part of my brain that forces me to clench my fists and sway awkwardly until I run into something solid enough to stop me. The fantastic rhythm section of this band drags me up to the top of a flight of stairs for the song’s finale and then leaves me teetering there. Luckily, Finch returns to carry me back down gently with only the slight chance that she might smother me gracefully.


Check out Bi-Fi Records.


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